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Hard Bait Ikari Sinking Crankbait Chrome Blue

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Ikari Sinking Lure (1/2 ounce, 4")

The Ikari sinking crankbait is ideal for fishing in the harbor or on the beach.  In the harbor it's a bass and halibut killer.  In the surf it imitates perch fry and attracts halibut, croaker, perch and stripped bass.  Named for the Japanese word for "anger," the new Matzuo® Ikari is a lipless, slow sinking bait that creates a loud, fish-attracting "knock and ping" rattling sound and is the ONLY shad bait to feature realistic "bloody red" flared gills and super sharp Matzuo® black nickel treble hooks.  3" in length, 1/2 ounce weight.

Ikari is a slow sinker with a tantalizing horizontal fall that will allow anglers to get the most out of the water column. Crank it steady with a slow or moderate retrieve or rip it fast - it will engage into a tight head down wiggle and move an impressive amount of water with its signature flared gills. Completely balanced, this bait will not wash out and is excellent at all retrieve speeds.


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