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DuraScent RED Surf Fishing Eggs

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DuraScent eggs work great as an attractant above worms, sand crabs, grubs and other baits.  Just slip one or two up the hook and place your bait below.  Both orange and red eggs imitate sand crab roe and their sent attracts fish.  Surfperch, corbina and croaker can all be caught with this bait.  Use a Carolina Rig and cast in a fan pattern to cover the bottom and search for fish.  Works great in the surf and bay.

  • Infused with all-natural blend of fish attracting shrimp scent
  • Extremely durable, lasts longer than traditional soft plastics
  • Super-soft elastomer stretches to over six times its length
  • Buoyant material floats providing life-like presentation
  • Non-toxic formula free of plastisol and phthalates
  • Scent can be “refreshed” by giving them a good stretch
  • Scent: Shrimp
  • Colors: Red, Orange
  • Qty/Pkg: 5 strands per package, 10 individual eggs per strand
  • 7mm


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