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DuraScent CAMO Sandworms

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Gamakatsu's DuraScent is the most technologically advanced surf fishing bait and bay fishing bait on the market.  I've personally tested these baits and they work.  Combine with DuraScent eggs and fish the Carolina Rig along your local beach today!


Gamakatsu’s DuraScent Sandworm looks, moves, feels and smells like the real thing, providing lifelike motion with only the slightest bit of current or angler manipulation. Once fish see it, they’ll be drawn in by the widely dispersed, all-natural fish oil scent, and once they bite, they’ll hold on because it feels so lifelike. The super-soft floating elastomer material allows anglers to rig it in a wide variety of ways and is far more durable than traditional soft plastic baits or even actual worms.
  • Infused with all-natural blend of fish attracting fish oil scent
  • Extremely durable, lasts longer than traditional soft plastics
  • Super-soft elastomer stretches to over six times its length
  • Buoyant material floats providing life-like presentation
  • Non-toxic formula free of plastisol and phthalates
  • Scent can be “refreshed” by giving them a good stretch
  • Scent: Fish Oil
  • Colors: Blood Red, Green Gold Flake
  • Qty/Pkg: 5
  • Size: 3.3 inch


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