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"Crab 'N' Go" Sand Crab Catcher (mini)

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Catching sand crabs is easy with "Crab 'n' Go" sand crab/flea Rake.  Made of stainless steel and zinc plating this easy to use sand crab catcher will stand up to the ocean's harsh environment.  Simply scoop up sand and rinse out---it's that easy to catch sand crabs for surf fishing!

Just two inches shorter than the original, Crab 'n' Go mini weighs less that six ounces, measures aprox. 4.5"x5" with a 15" circumference.  Sand crab catcher easily attaches with a clip (included) to your belt or pack.  This is the tool that every surf angler needs.

Tips For Catching and Keeping Sand Crabs

1.  You will find sand crabs under piers and along the open beach in clusters called beds.  Look for rippled water as in the picture above and this is where you'll find crabs.

2.  Keep crabs in a plastic container with a moist piece of kelp over them.  They need to keep cool and wet.

3.  Look to use crabs whose shell is about the hardness of a soda can--slightly pliable.

4.  Use crabs that are the average size of the ones you are finding at the beach.  If most are the size of a dime, then that's what the surf fish are feeding upon.

5.  Sand crabs will live at home for about three days.  Keep them in a dry plastic container.  Do not refrigerate them or keep them in water.  Place a moist towel over the container to keep them cool and wet.  Disturb them as little as possible.  Try to keep them in a 55-70 degree temperature range.

"Crab n' Go" Sand Crab/Flea Beach Rake


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