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Battlestar 115mm Halibut Jerk-Bait Glow Sexy Smelt

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Perfect for fishing the beach/boat for halibut, corbina, white seabass and huge perch.  Each Battlestar 115 wobbles with the perfect action and can be fished at practically any speed. Burn it in if you want to try a fast retrieve. Or take advantage of the unique slow floating design which allows you to retrieve ultra-slowly. At a slow steady pace, the BS115 wobbles with excellent action. I encourage you to slow it down even more! Pause and tiny-twitch for an irresistible slow presentation. They slam it on the pause and tiny-twitch! Or, pause and count to 3 or 4 when working it over shallow snaggy structure or bottoms dirty with weed.

  • 115mm
  • 3/4oz
  • Dives 3-5'
  • Super Long Casting
  • Slow Floating 
  • Rattling
  • Realistic Pattern
  • Micro Coated


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